Review Website Achieves Huge Traffic Growth In 1st 2 Years With 160k Organic Visits Monthly

StudentCrowd Case Study


StudentCrowd is the UK’s biggest review website for students – they help students make the best decisions at university. Reviews by real students on courses, accommodation, finance help students make the right choices for them. We’ve been helping them since their founding in 2015, working closely on their Digital PR & Social Media.


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media


  • Grow organic search traffic for key terms
  • Increase engagement and traffic from social media
  • Generate a strong backlink profile



1. Technical Audit

StudentCrowd is a startup website which aims to generate as many reviews of UK universities as possible. More reviews means a better experience for users. Their site is the whole business and therefore their main marketing tool. The first task was to ensure the website was user friendly and would operate in the right way moving forward.

2. Content Brief

The next stage was to implement changes which the audit brought attention to. Unique site content to encourage search engines such as Google and Bing to see the value that they bring. The optimisation of on page titles as well as meta were crucial to allow search engines to interact freely with the content.

3. Social Media

StudentCrowd targets a broad range of graduands and graduates. Generating engaging and on point social content has been the key focus to deliver on traffic targets from social media.

4. Content Marketing & Digital PR

In  July 2017, we launched our content marketing piece to the world. The purpose was to generate great PR coverage on websites and social media. This resulted in 25+ links back to the article and Twitter reach of more than 139,000. Links gained include huge players in the Education sector:

As well as a number of universities with superb domain authority.

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