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The vast majority of inquiries we get are from Business Owners or Marketing Managers who are looking for Digital Marketing Consultants to work with them to produce a tailored Digital Marketing Strategy.

Whether they are initially interested in SEO, PPC or Social Media, nearly all of them also want to be guided by Digital Marketing experts and to receive an actionable plan that can realistically be implemented for their company.

Luckily, at Limelight Digital, Digital Marketing Strategy underpins every single project we work on as it’s the most crucial phase if a business is to achieve its goals.

If you’re reading this page then you’ll realise that coming up with a Digital Marketing Strategy isn’t always straightforward and there are many different Marketing channels to consider.

That’s why, when we start working with you, we take the time to exhaustively research your industry and learn the ins and outs of your business to ensure our KPI’s are aligned.

Our clients regularly remark that the fresh perspective we offer them on their current Digital Strategy is invaluable and we’re never afraid to offer constructive criticism on your current process alongside our own recommendations and suggestions.

Take a look below at some of the Digital Marketing Strategy services we offer:


Firstly, we’ll produce a comprehensive Digital Audit in the form of an extensive document outlining all areas of improvement and a checklist of key issues. We use several different tools to produce our Digital Strategy Audits but all of them will come with unique commentary and actionable insights. We’ll also take the time to explain the finer details of the Audit and what the next steps to resolve any issues / implement any improvements will be.

User Analysis

Next, we’ll dig into any existing data you have, such as Google Analytics, to give you an insight into your current audience and how we can potentially reach new or different online users. We can also work with you to identify why or how potential leads or customers might be being lost with tools such as Hotjar.

Competitor Analysis

Whilst it’s important that your brand stands out from the crowd, it’s also essential to understand how the current competition is performing online and how you can learn from them. Using industry renowned tools such as Ahrefs & SEMRush, we will delve into their Digital Marketing tactics and identify any areas where we can get ahead.

Keyword Research

Whether it’s Search Engine Optimisation or Pay-per-Click advertising, Keyword Research is the foundation of every good campaign. As part of our Digital Marketing Strategy, we’ll work with you to gather a list of priority Keywords that you want your website to show for when people search in Google. We’ll also highlight any opportunities you may not have previously considered and show you the average click price in Google Ads to ensure we only run campaigns that are delivering the very best ROI.

Actionable Recommendations

From all of the aforementioned services, we will gather a list of actionable recommendations that either you, your web developers or ourselves will be able to implement. Whilst we won’t hold back on aiming high with suggestions that might not always be easily performed, we ensure that the bulk of what we recommend is realistic. We’ll also never deliver an Audit or list of problems without a resolution to go with them.


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Ongoing Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Digital Marketing Strategy service doesn’t just end once you’ve had your Audit. At Limelight Digital, we see a Digital Strategy as something that should run through all your Marketing efforts, on an ongoing basis, growing and adapting as it goes.

If an area of our strategy isn’t working, we’re not afraid to admit it and swiftly reassess the next steps. We’ll consult you throughout the whole process and keep you up to date on our latest plan. 

Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategies for Various Industries

Here at Limelight Digital, we’re not limited to one industry or niche.

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