Google Analytics Consultancy

We are a Google Analytics agency with years of experience in the implementation, migration and configuration of Google Analytics accounts. If you choose us as your Google Analytics partner you can rest assured that we will offer expert support, reporting and training to help you get the most from your data.

Data is vital to any business, whether that is to inform internal processes or to direct marketing campaigns. Every successful company in the UK and beyond are now using data-driven decision making to maximise performance and get the best ROI from any marketing efforts.

What are Web Analytics Services?

A web analytics service is when an agency collects relevant data on your website, often using tools or apps and analyses the information, presenting you with actionable suggestions to improve your website.

It’s crucial that once you have the data, you know how to use it. An expert web analytics agency will help you digest significant statistics and turn them into a useful roadmap for your business to follow.

It’s just as important that you are collecting the right data as not to skew the results and send your marketing campaigns off course. With Google Analytics services from Limelight Digital, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of any data issues and only present you with correct information to inform your business decisions.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Implementation & Migration

With Universal Analytics (UA) no longer processing new data in standard Google Analytics properties from 1st July 2023 (Analytics 360 properties from July 2024), it’s crucial to get to grips with GA4.

Google Analytics 4 collects website and app data and is replacing UA which is session-based. Designed for the future of measurement, GA4 allows you to better understand the customer journey with features such as cookieless measurement and behaviour modelling.

We are Google Analytics 4 experts and have been using the property since launch so are the perfect partners to help you either implement or migrate to GA4. When you choose Limelight Digital, you’ll also get exclusive access to Google Analytics 4 training and support so you and your team can better understand the data being presented to you and make better decisions for your business.

Why choose Limelight Digital as your Google Analytics Agency?

Whilst most web analytics services such as Google Analytics, online marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads and even e-commerce platforms such as Shopify offer visually appealing overviews of your site performance, there’s a wealth of information to glean that requires unearthing and analysing.

When you choose Limelight Digital as your web analytics agency, you will be getting dedicated experts with years of experience of analytics services and achieving real results for clients through data analysis.

Our initial Technical SEO Audits will highlight any tracking issues so that we know we can trust the data moving forward and we’ll always look for new ways to improve our analysis as we progress. You’ll also get custom reporting, tailored to your KPIs, that can be tweaked and enhanced as the campaign progresses or new goals are added.

What to expect from Google Analytics Consultants:

  • Analytics audits
  • Setup & migration
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
  • Data insights
  • Conversion and user behaviour analysis
  • Custom reporting
  • Ongoing analytics support & advice


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