We’re the SEO Agency for Startups

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial marketing method for any startup business that wishes to have an online presence and reach their potential customers online.

When you invest in a solid SEO strategy for your startup, it can have a real impact on your business and will start to drive relevant traffic to your website on a consistent basis.

As opposed to other digital marketing techniques, when SEO is done correctly your business will appear naturally in Search Engine results pages for keywords that you desire around the clock; for no extra cost.

However, as a startup business, and with so many marketing techniques now available to you, it can be hard to know where is the best area to invest your time money and effort.

Search Engine Optimisation is constantly evolving with techniques that work well dieing and new ones taking their place every few years.

It’s for that reason that your startup business needs an SEO Agency, like Limelight Digital, that has many years experience mastering SEO methods and executing them to effect for our startup clients.

We continually test our SEO methods and keep abreast of the latest SEO news as to adhere with Google’s ever-changing algorithm and to ensure we always offer our clients an up-to-date, responsive service.

Take a look below at some of the core SEO services we offer as well as some extra, more specific services, that may benefit your startup website:

Core SEO Services for Startups

Technical SEO Audit – Ensure that your website is technically sound and is given the best possible opportunity to perform well in the Search Engines. Our Technical SEO Audit is an exhaustive checklist of all the criteria of what’s needed to rank well in Google.

Backlink Audit & Disavow – An empty or spammy backlink profile tells Search Engines that your website isn’t to be trusted. By carrying out an Audit & Disavow we will cut the wheat from the chaff and highlight ways we can improve the quality of links to your website

Keyword Research – You may already have a clear idea of what keywords and phrases you would like your startup to appear for but is that what your audience is searching for? Keyword research highlights search volumes and can locate hidden gems that you may not have previously considered.

Content Brief – To rank well in Google your website needs to have great content. Our Content Brief will layout exactly what new pages you need, what you can get rid off and includes optimised Meta data based of the Keyword Research we undertake.

On-Page SEO – Before you undertake a Content Marketing strategy or go Link building, it’s important to get your house in order with On-Page SEO. One example is making sure all pages on your site are linking internally and passing link equity.

Off-Page SEO – Google have revealed that Content & Links are their two biggest ranking factors. Whilst On-Page SEO covers the content, your Off-Site SEO should focus on building links that point to your website and help you climb the Google rankings.

Reporting – Our comprehensive, but easy to understand, SEO reports are completely unique and tailored around what you consider to be KPI’s. From keyword rankings, website traffic and sales to bounce rate, time on site and location demographics – we can track it!

We Also Offer: Specialist Startup SEO Services:

Google Penalty Recovery – Has your website seen a huge drop in Google rankings and website traffic as a result? Your website may have had a manual penalty for not adhering to Google’s best practices! We can help.

Website Launch / Transition Support – Whether you’re startup is launching a new site or transitioning to a different one, there’s several SEO considerations to take into account. We can help this process run smoothly and effectively.

Reputation Management – Sometimes negative reviews or articles can appear on the first page of Google for your brand name meaning potential customers may be put off. We can help move these mentions down the rankings.

Local SEO – If your startup company has a local focus then you will understand the importance of making sure you appear in local search results and Google Map Packs. Our Local SEO service will help you outrank your neighbours.

International SEO – Looking to branch out and sell your products and services abroad? There’s some important intricacies that determine whether or not your website will show in foreign Search Engines.

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