Social Media Marketing, Advertising & Management For Startup Businesses

Social Media Marketing is a powerful weapon in any startup business’ arsenal and it shouldn’t be ignored in today’s socially focused age.

Put simply, your audience WILL be on social media.

It’s a brands job to find them, engage with them and showcase yourself as appealingly as possible.

Apart from being a great branding exercise, Social Media Marketing is important for reputation management, customer service, supporting your search engine rankings and even sales & leads.

It’s important to remember that Social Media Marketing sits towards the top of the sales funnel and tends to be the first time that people come across your brand.

Sales & leads are crucial to every startup business but if you’re not measuring other vital KPIs such as Engagement and Reach then you’re missing a trick.

Social Media Marketing is about developing your companies brand narrative and giving your business a voice that matches the ideas and qualities of your potential customers.

Limelight Digital can help you create that with our Social Media Marketing Services.

Check out how we develop your Social Media Marketing strategy plan below:


Social Media Marketing Methods for Startups


Social Media Marketing can be split up into two main types:


  • Traditional Social Media Management (Organic) – Just like it says in its name, Social Media Management is about looking after a brands Social Media profile. It requires no extra budget to be paid to the platforms you’re posting on and instead focuses on creating posts that  inspire, educate, guide and entertain your audience. Organic Social Media is a great way to interact with your audience, answer any questions they may have and generally interact with your current audience.


  • Paid Social Media Marketing – On the other hand, Paid Social allows you to locate a new, hyper-targeted audience and drive your brand message to a much wider set of potential customers. However, this does require extra budget being spent on the platforms you choose to advertise on. Costs are typically much lower than platforms such as Google AdWords though.


Whichever method you feel would work best for your company, we’ll offer our expert advice as Social Media Marketing is an area we’re having continued success in a variety of niches.

If you already have Social Media profile setup and running, we offer an initial audit to unearth any glaring errors to quell or hidden gems that we can replicate.

Everything we do is based on data, not guesswork.

Social Media Marketing has such a vast amount of rich data to gleam insights from, we’re sure we can help you create a super strategy enabling you to reach just the right people and at the right times.


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