PPC Management Campaign Case Study – Forza Finance

In today’s digital marketing landscape, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising plays a crucial role in driving traffic, increasing visibility, and accelerating conversions. This case study encapsulates the transformative two-year journey of Forza Finance, a prominent player in the car finance industry, during a strategic PPC campaign.


Forza Finance had a clear mission in mind: over the course of two years, they wanted to ramp up their Google Ads reach. The mission wasn’t just about scaling up, so we made sure every pound spent was worth it. The goal was to optimise the campaign to the highest degree, striving to keep the cost per lead as low as possible.


Armed with best practices gleaned from our extensive experience in the automotive PPC market, we embarked on a mission to transform Forza Finance’s PPC performance. Key strategic interventions included:

Implementation of Effective Programmatic Bidding: We leveraged programmatic bidding techniques to maximise ad impact and reach the most suitable audience segments.

Granular Campaign/Account Structure: We adopted a granular approach to campaign and account structuring, enabling more precise targeting and better management of ad placements.

Optimisation of Landing Pages and Customer Journey: We improved user experience by optimising landing pages and streamlining the customer journey, enhancing the likelihood of conversions.

Continual A/B Testing and Optimisation: We implemented ongoing A/B testing of ad variants and optimised ad copy to improve ad performance and engagement.

Custom Audiences and Segmentation: We created custom audience segments to deliver more personalised and effective ads.

Leveraging New Google Ads Features: We quickly adapted and optimised newer Google Ads features such as Performance Max to stay ahead in the dynamic PPC landscape.


Over the two-year period, the PPC campaign significantly boosted Forza Finance’s digital performance:

Conversions: We observed a whopping 460% increase in conversions.

Cost per Conversion: Cost per conversion was reduced by 37%, demonstrating improved cost-efficiency.

Conversion Rate: Conversion rate improved from 3% to 10%, indicating enhanced effectiveness of the ad campaigns.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR jumped from 1% to a remarkable 11%.


The last two years stand as a testament to the power of strategic and consistent efforts. Through the implementation of industry best practices and innovative strategies, we managed to substantially increase conversions while reducing the cost per conversion, maximising Forza Finance’s return on investment.

The journey with Forza Finance doesn’t end here. We remain committed to innovating, testing, and optimising our strategies to ensure that the company continues to outperform in the dynamic and challenging PPC landscape.

Stay tuned for another update on the project in 6-12 months time but in the meantime why not check out our other case studies or our Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry page with more specific details on how we can help your business.

Full SEO Management Case Study – Saxton 4×4

In the digital epoch we live in, robust online presence holds paramount importance across all business sectors, and the automotive industry is no exception. This case study outlines the success story of Saxton 4×4, a leading UK 4×4 dealership, during a strategic two-year SEO management campaign that commenced in 2021.


Despite the impressive standing in the car sales industry, Saxton 4×4 encountered external challenges in 2022 due to worldwide issues, such as chip shortages, which impacted negatively across the automotive sector. However, Saxton 4×4 not only sustained their sales targets, but also expanded its organic traffic from 2021 to 2022, despite the market being up and down. Recognising the need to further bolster online visibility and brace for future uncertainties, we worked to create a comprehensive and robust SEO strategy.

The Strategy

Our journey began in 2021 with an exhaustive technical audit of Saxton 4×4’s existing website. In collaboration with web developers, we optimised all technical SEO aspects based on the audit insights, which charted the path for the subsequent technical enhancements.

To broaden organic reach, we gave the site content a complete makeover, ensuring it was SEO-friendly, pertinent, and engaging for users. We strategically restructured the landing pages to incorporate keyword-optimised content, intuitive navigation, and lucid call-to-actions, enhancing user experience and interaction.

Simultaneously, we introduced regular blog posts and thought-leading content that not only offered value to users but also uplifted the site’s authority. Furthermore, we launched crucial link-building campaigns to improve domain authority and overall website ranking.

Recognising the immense potential of digital PR and influencer marketing, we tapped into these avenues to extend the brand’s footprint. Engaging prominent automotive influencers through meticulously curated campaigns, we generated significant buzz around the brand and bolstered its market standing.


The outcomes of our two-year SEO management campaign, from 2021 to 2023, were nothing short of remarkable, significantly augmenting Saxton 4×4’s digital performance.

Keyword Ranking: We recorded 270 new ranking keywords out of 336 tracked, denoting a notable improvement in the brand’s visibility on search engines.

Page Position: There was a significant rise in the number of first-page keywords by 132, leading to a substantial increase in organic traffic. Moreover, the top 5 position keywords witnessed a leap by 52.

Organic Users: Despite the adversities in 2022, we achieved a striking 65% growth in organic users over the two-year period, underlining the effectiveness of our strategies.


The two-year campaign with Saxton 4×4, that began in 2021, stands as a strong testament to the power of SEO when underpinned by strategic planning and consistent execution. From a comprehensive technical overhaul to a thorough content rework, we successfully reshaped Saxton 4×4’s digital landscape, paving the way for sustained growth.

The impressive results underscore the potency of our approach, enhancing visibility, fostering user engagement, and driving more traffic even amidst challenging market conditions. This journey with Saxton 4×4 doesn’t conclude here; we remain steadfast in our commitment to continuously innovate, optimise, and adapt our strategies to ensure the brand stays at the forefront of the ever-changing digital landscape of the automotive industry.

Stay tuned for another update on the project in 6-12 months time but in the meantime why not check out our other case studies or our Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry page with more specific details on how we can help your business.