Technical SEO Audit Services

Technical SEO is complicated and a thorough SEO audit needs to be carried out by an SEO audit agency to identify the full extent of any issues your site may be facing that will restrict its performance in search engines.

Whether you have launched a brand new site for your new product or service, are migrating your outdated website to a nice new one or just generally want more visibility in Google, your first port of call should always be an SEO Audit.

Many new websites that look great on the face of it and cost a pretty penny are often lacking essential elements and are undermined by poor search engine optimisation.


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Migrating an old website, with all the SEO value that it will have accrued over the years, isn’t just a case of switching it off and turning on the new one. An SEO audit is crucial to maintaining all the good work you have done to your site in the past and giving your new site the best footing to continue its success.

If you have any knowledge of SEO you’ll know that content is a huge part of it, but without the technical foundations in place you could produce the best content in your niche but it won’t be given a fair crack of the whip if Google deems your website unfit.

All of our technical SEO Website audits are custom and tailored to the website and industry in question. Alongside a traditional technical SEO Audit, we’ll also take the time to audit your website content and backlink profile, giving a detailed review and plan of action to improve both aspects of your site going forward.

Take a look below to see what’s included in our technical SEO audits in more detail:

Technical Auditing

The bread and butter of our audits include, but are not limited to: Meta Data optimisations, indexing recommendations, navigation issues, internal linking, site architecture, internationalisation and general performance considerations.

Content Auditing

Our content audits supplement the core technical SEO audit and in the brief we provide you with will be content gap analysis, key page optimisations, competitor analysis and an overall content strategy.

Backlink Auditing

Our backlink audits highlight any spam or malicious links that might negatively affect your site, disavow suggestions, competitor analysis and initial backlink suggestions.

Keyword Research

An extensive keyword research phase is required to understand the industry and intent of potential customers and how they search in your niche.

Page Speed & UX Recommendations

With Google’s latest core web vitals update, page speed and UX is more important than ever. We give actionable advice to improve this and will inform you whether the work required is worth the investment before anything is undertaken.

Penalty Recovery

Hit by a Google penalty? Don’t worry! We’re experts in penalty recovery and can help your website recover your lost rankings and traffic.


A common story we hear from new clients is that they’ve lost traffic since their website migration. Ensure that doesn’t happen by using an experienced SEO audit agency

Consultancy & Strategy

As standard with all our services, we will work closely with you and hold your hand through the process. We pride ourselves on our great communication and responsiveness.

Experienced Technical SEO Experts

As Technical SEO experts, Limelight Digital are experienced in conducting website audits for businesses small and large.

We’ll guide you through the process and produce numerous in-depth documents which will explain in simple language where your website is underperforming and where there is opportunity for improvement. We’ll also arrange a project meeting once the audit is complete to go through with you in person, or over video call, the actionable takeaways from the audit and we’re always on hand to take phone calls if you still have any questions for us.

Unlike other agencies, we’ll present the SEO issues we find in priority order based on what we feel from experience will give you the best ROI. For example, many of the issues we identify may only have a minimal impact on your site and could take a long time to fix. We will let you know these exist but recommend you the most pressing issues that will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

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