Digital Marketing for the Education Industry

Looking for Digital Marketing services for the Education sector? Limelight Digital are Digital Marketing experts with years of experience teaching clients in the Education industry how they can succeed online.

The Education industry is a very diverse and important sector of the UK economy that includes businesses and brands offering varying products and services.

Whether it’s higher education and universities themselves looking for online help or review platforms, accommodation providers or those selling products in adjacent niches but with a focus on students, then digital marketing agencies with expertise in the education industry can help.

The education sector today is more competitive than ever which means you have to go the extra mile to make sure your marketing stands out from the crowd.

With students and young people more savvy to marketing methods than many other age groups and demographics, you need to be much more clever and creative in the tone of your campaigns, where you market them and to what degree.

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Why Choose Limelight?

Limelight Digital have experience working with many clients from all sub-sectors of the education industry.

Just some of the household names we’ve worked with include online student review platforms such as StudentCrowd, Student Accommodation Providers such as Hoots and Staging Providers for Schools such as Stage Systems.

Where our Education clients have been featured

We’ve had great success over the years with getting our Education clients featured in not just industry specific websites, but also national news sites too.

As Digital Marketing experts with a constant eye on improving SEO, we know that backlinks to your company site is crucial for ranking higher in Google. However, our Digital PR pieces are more than just content marketing. They have helped our clients boost their brand awareness and increase conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the Education Industry

Search Engine Optimisation (commonly known as SEO) is the technique of optimising your website to give it the greatest possible chance of appearing in Search Engines, such as Google, and benefiting from the free site traffic this provides.

SEO services can help your University appear higher in Google when students and potential applicants are researching where to study. It can help your student accommodation website appear above the competition in the local area and it can help you get in front of students who might be interested in your products, all without any ongoing media spend.

These days, Search Engines have become much better at understanding what a user needs when they search and it’s up to Digital Marketing experts to ensure that your site is showing for keywords that you want it to.

Need to be the first site shown when a student searches ‘Student Accommodation in Chester’ into Google? A thorough SEO strategy from an Agency with experience in Higher Education can help you achieve this.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for the Education Industry

Pay-per-Click (or PPC) is a common Digital Marketing payment model used by Google, Facebook and many more of the biggest websites to advertise through. Below you can see search results for ‘history degrees uk‘, a keyword a potential applicant might be searching, and each of the top results is a PPC ‘ad’ meaning that the websites in question are bidding to show for that phrase.

What makes PPC advertising so attractive to UK Universities and those in the Education Sector in general is that you can track the exact amount of views (impressions) and clicks your advert gets and calculate ROI to a forensic degree unlike many forms of traditional marketing.

Also, advertisers can pause and resume the campaigns whenever suits and budgets can be tweaked so they’re not tied in to weeks or months worth of marketing spend if the advertising isn’t working for them or they need to halt spend.

Take a billboard with your latest Guardian University Guide ranking on it for example. Can you target who sees it by age, location or interests? No, it’s just whoever drives past it. Can you track views and number of applications from people who have seen the billboard? Nope, the best you can do is put a specific code on the billboard for them to quote when they sign up but this is still inaccurate.

PPC marketing is excellent for achieving a variety of goals. Do you need to increase phone calls? Are enquiries via website forms your main goal? Increased footfall to your university open day? Yes that’s right, Google Ads can even track that!


Social Media Management for the Education Sector

Social Media Management can be a time drain for University marketing departments and businesses operating in the higher education niche. Marketing directors and business owners would rather spend the time doing what they do best than scheduling Facebook posts.

However, can you afford to neglect social media channels when they’re constantly evolving and growing and becoming more influential than ever in communicating to students and young people?

Through techniques such as competitions, boosted posts, interacting with users online and responding to questions, you can help build a relationship with students and potential applicants.

What’s more, a recent study showed that 87% of UK teenagers are now on at least one social media platform, so can you really afford to neglect this marketing venue?


So, whether it’s SEO, PPC, Social Media or any other form of Digital Marketing you’re after for your university or business that operates in the higher education sector, speak to us today to find out how we can help you!

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