Social Media Management Nottingham

Customers will be expecting to find you on social media. However, even if you are present, is your content interesting enough? Do your profiles stand out?

Although social media doesn’t always directly affect new sales that are made, it does contribute massively. Therefore, having a great social media strategy should never be something that is simply neglected.

This is because first impressions are important when potential customers initially find your Nottingham business. This could be long before they consider parting with their money. Therefore, we believe success can be measured on what happens before the point of sale. This is based on the development of reach and interaction.

We support our clients to use their social media as a tool to promote their brand personality and express the story behind the business. This is not only to appeal to new customers but also keep the existing community interested.

The social media management services that we provide can cover all or just certain elements. Our digital marketing team will work with you to devise a suitable plan.

Our Social Media Services 

Creating a Profile / Managing Existing

To ensure users have the best first impression of your business when it comes to finding you on your social media accounts, we’ll ensure they are all branded correctly and have information that makes them discoverable. We’ll look at profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Managing Feedback

Do you regularly get negative comments on your profiles that you are struggling to contain? Let us help you by managing this for you. We’ll keep on top of this 24/7 and ensure all feedback is dealt with correctly as not to damage your reputation.

Creating Campaigns

Our team of creatives will help to come up with ideas for campaigns that drum up excitement about your business. We already have expertise in creating campaigns in the form of competitions, storytelling, giveaways and more. Ultimately, this will create advocates of your brand.

Broadcasting Already-Created Content

If you already have quality content on your website or blog, we’ll look to make the best use of this and share it with your audience. When it comes to broadcasting this content we’ll consider the best possible frequency to do so and method in order to generate the most amount of engagement.

Finding Opportunities for Engagement

There are users out there who will be using Twitter, Facebook etc. to find your products or services. We have tools and methods that will be used to identify opportunities where these users can be targeted in order for your brand to be discoverable. After finding these, we can either pursue the opportunities for you or support your own team with this.

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