Social Media Management Leicester

When it comes to engaging and communicating with your customers through social media, nowadays they expect you to be present. But is your content interesting? Are your profiles eye-catching?

Sometimes businesses may overlook the role that social media plays in their marketing because it may not always generate direct leads. However, having a great Social Media strategy should never be ignored.

They say first impressions count. And it’s exactly the same analogy when it comes to social media. As a sales generator, social media is high in the funnel. Potential customers may initially come across your Leicester business on one of your social accounts long before making a purchase. We look at the success that is achieved before any sales such as reach and interaction measurements.

We support clients in making their social media accounts interesting and a place to promote their brand, the story and team behind it and share content that helps to retain customers and appeal to new ones.

Our Social Media Management team can help with many areas of social media with appropriate levels of support that provides a solution that you’ll be more than happy with.


Our Social Media Services

Creating a Profile / Managing Existing

Is the branding of each of your profiles consistent? We’ll ensure your presence on each platform such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn compliments your business and is discoverable by users.

Managing Reputation

If you are receiving negative comments on your social media and are struggling to reply our team can step in and help. We’re experienced in handling this type of feedback and can manage this so you don’t have to.


Here at Limelight Digital, we have experience in running creative campaigns such as competitions, a sequence of posts and more. All with the main aim of creating a buzz about your company. This means interesting content is being shared and talked about by users and in turn promoting.

Broadcasting Already-Created Content

Not only does great content need to be created but it also needs to be shared in order to make it worthwhile. For instance, we’ll ensure content such as blog posts are broadcast to the ideal audience and at the best times so that they have the best chance of gaining interaction.

Finding Opportunities

Where can you find your audience? Our methods involve using tools and experience to help find relevant opportunities on social media and to either put these ideas forward to your team or deliver this ourselves. Whichever suits you.

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