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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial to drive relevant traffic to your website and this is even more important for ecommerce businesses using Shopify. Limelight Digital are Shopify experts with years of experience working with national and international ecommerce websites. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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What is Shopify SEO?

Simply put, Shopify SEO is simply the process of optimising Shopify websites for search engines such as Google. Whilst SEO refers to the process of optimising any website, Shopify SEO services will tailor the work undertaken to the specific intricacies of Shopify allowing more customers to find you online.

Shopify is an increasingly popular and ever-growing ecommerce platform that is very easy to use and has helped numerous small businesses start selling online. However, for its simplicity, Shopify isn’t without its SEO issues that can restrict your brands performance in search and hinder your sales.

As someone who works with a Shopify website, you’ll probably already be aware of the SEO limitations such as slow load times, problems with Meta Data, URL structure, duplicate content & products and much more which will hamper your performance in Google. On the other hand, you may not be aware of any of these issues and that’s why you’re looking for a Shopify SEO specialist like Limelight!

Why Choose Limelight to be your Shopify SEO Agency?

Limelight Digital are Shopify and ecommerce SEO experts with 10+ years of experience in improving small and large businesses visibility online. We’ve worked with numerous Shopify websites over the years and continue to do so. We’ve helped brands thrive online in numerous industries such as, and not limited to, beauty, retail, fashion, healthcare and cosmetics.

Whatever it is that you’re selling online and whoever your target audience is, the Limelight Digital team are able to help and implement the years of know-how we’ve gathered by working on Shopify sites on a daily basis. We’re experts at working with startups and small businesses so if you’re even struggling with getting your Shopify site to appear in Google at all, we can start from the very beginning with you and hold your hand throughout the process if required.

We are also recognised as a Google Premier Partner.

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Shopify SEO Checklist

Website Audit & ​​Site Migrations

Our extensive and thorough technical SEO website audit will unearth any issues with your Shopify site that are hindering your performance on search or which may eventually lead to a Google penalty. The completely bespoke audit will be presented to you for full clarification of the issues at a level of depth to suit your SEO knowledge level. Alternatively, if you’re looking to migrate to or from Shopify, we will work with you to help the process be as smooth as possible and retain the maximum SEO value of your site.

Technical SEO Fixes

Using findings from the audit, we will manually fix any SEO issues as well as communicating directly with your web development team to iron out any more complicated problems your Shopify site might have.

Keyword Research

Once key issues have been resolved, we undergo a comprehensive keyword research phase to understand exactly how and what your target audience are searching for in Google. This research will form the basis of a content brief where we identify any gaps, opportunities or suggestions and run them past you before optimising the content of your Shopify store.

Competitor Analysis & Link Building

We will analyse the SEO strategy of your competition by not only considering the structure of their Shopify site but also their backlink profile. Links are a huge part of SEO and without them, you could have the best product content in your niche without ever getting noticed.

Local & International SEO

Whether you’re looking to be found locally or going for global success, there’s specific SEO techniques we can undertake to give your Shopify website the visibility it needs.

Content Marketing & Digital PR

Once the SEO issues have been identified and fixed on your Shopify site and the correct content has been added, the next step is to get media coverage and new customers through Content Marketing pieces or Digital PR campaigns. We have success running Digital PR campaigns for numerous clients in various industries and have built up journalist contacts in numerous niches.


What good is all this work without detailed yet clear reporting? We produce and present monthly reports that make sense to you and your team and focus on the goals that matter to your business. All our reports are fully customisable and bespoke to you so we will work with you to make them perfect. Reporting and analysis is crucial in understanding the progress of an SEO campaign and informing the SEO strategy moving forward.

Shopify SEO FAQs

Is Shopify good for SEO?

Shopify sites have everything you need to not only make beautiful websites but also useful ones that drive traffic through search engines. Whilst perhaps not as advanced as other platforms, certainly in its most basic form, there’s enough tools, apps and adjustments to Shopify stores you can make to help them compete with even the biggest brands in search.

How do I get my Shopify store on Google?

Whilst Google may find your site organically though it’s spiders that constantly crawl the web, you will need to speed up the indexing process by submitting it to Google Search Console and pointing links to your site.

What SEO limitations are there with Shopify?

Whilst great for startups and small businesses, Shopify stores can present issues for huge brands with tens of thousands of products. Also, there are many common restrictions such as inability to edit tag pages, duplicate content, forced URL structure, Meta Data limitation and poor template selection. These can all be resolved with some web development though.

Can I do SEO on my Shopify store myself?

Of course! There’s numerous articles and videos on how you can improve the SEO of your Shopify store yourself online but always consult an expert before implementing anything that may negatively affect your site’s search performance.

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