Content Marketing Services for Startups

Content Marketing, sometimes referred to as Digital PR, is the process of creating high quality content that your target audience will find useful, entertaining, humorous, emotive or shareworthy.

Google today is incredibly good at showcasing the best possible content to the user for their desired keyword, utilising on-page signals such as META, links from authoritative websites, social shares, UX and more.

For this reason it’s important, more than ever, to create top level content that not only search engines find favourable, but users do as well.

Whether it’s in the form of simple blog posts on your site or huge-scale, scrolling microsites, Content Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes.

What will Content Marketing do for my startup business?

A well planned Content Marketing strategy can lead to:

  • Positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry
  • Showcasing your knowledge to a new audience on external websites
  • Increasing keyword rankings in Google and other search engines
  • More website traffic
  • Boosting online sales

Not only this, but search engine giant, Google, have explicitly stated that great content is crucial if you want your website to be found when people search for your products or services.

So it helps boost your SEO efforts too.

Limelight Digital has a proven track record of creating successful Content Marketing pieces for startup businesses in a number of varying industries.

Take a look below at just some of the different Content Marketing methods available that can all have a huge impact on your business:

Content Marketing Methods for Startups

  • Infographics – Present data in a visually attractive way to support a story or challenge a theory. Infographics are a great way to get content shared online via popular publications.
  • Guest Blog Posts – Showcase your knowledge on a certain topic by writing guest blog posts on external websites with a large following. This can also help you attract new followers.
  • Helpful Guides – Create a helpful guide that your audience will benefit from and they’ll soon realise you know what you’re talking about. Not only this but if they decide to share the guide with friends and colleagues, it will have your branding on it and you’ll become a familiar name.
  • Microsites – Sites on external domains allow you to be creative and display content in a fun and interactive way. Your audience will share and engage with your content without even realising that it’s a piece of marketing.
  • Press Release – Have a newsworthy story or collection of data that would make a great headline? Use Press Releases to share your story with the journalists that matter and get your startup business featured in local and national press
  • Celebrity Endorsements – Whether it’s reaching out via email, Twitter or connections in the industry, getting a quote from a relevant celebrity in your industry can really help your content piece flourish. And celebs love to the attention!
  • Awards & Competitions – What better way to get people involved with your article and sharing it across Social Media than by including them in an Awards article relevant to their niche? It looks great for them and you benefit from them sharing the piece.
  • List Posts – Sometimes referred to as a ‘Listicles’, these are simply long form lists that are easily created but always enjoyed by users. Whether you’re a car dealer writing about the ‘Top 10 Cars Under £10,000’ or a Personal Trainer explaining ‘The Top 20 Foods Packed Full of Protein’, List Post ideas are endless and always fun.
  • Crowdsourced Article – What easier way to get some content created than getting experts in your industry to do it for free. Crowdsourced Article’s work on the premise that experts are happy to chime in with a few sentences of content each and before you know it, you have a whole article. They’re also almost guaranteed to share it as they’ve all had a say in it’s creation.
  • Roundups & Curations – Another great way to create a content piece quickly and easily is by curating other people’s articles to form your own roundup. Add a bit of your own commentary and it’s a ready-made, quality blog post for your site.
  • Videos – Creating video is now easier than ever. Users are far more likely to engage with video than with written posts and even platforms such as Facebook are now heavily promoting videos on in their newsfeeds.
  • Games – How can the creation of a game be a Content Marketing method that will have any benefit for my startup business? If it’s relevant for your brand, why wouldn’t you want your audience regularly engaging with a game in your company’s branding and becoming more familiar with what your business does?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Content Marketing methods and techniques for your startup business and there’s much more we can do.

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