Proverb Case Study: SEO for Eco-Friendly Deodorant Brand

See how we helped Natural Deodorant & Skincare brand, Proverb, improve their SEO and gain national press coverage.

Who are Proverb?

Proverb are a Refillable Deodorant & Natural Skincare startup based in Derbyshire, UK. Founded by couple Kirstie & Luke Sheriff, Proverb was started with a simple mission to make “amazing, clean, natural and organic products that are better for human health & performance, the planet and its people.”

In 2019, Proverb crowdfunded the first ever Refillable Deodorant to market in the UK and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic focused on not only selling but also donating their Natural Hand Sanitiser to worthy causes.

Clearly a brand with strong moral values and a passion for improving peoples lives, Proverb have continued to innovate and look for ways to improve the sustainability of their products as well as launching new eco-friendly solutions to improve your daily routine.


  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Drive Website Sales

At the start of 2021, Proverb got in touch with Limelight Digital with the aim of improving their website SEO and capturing more of the ever-increasing interest in eco-friendly skincare.

Proverb knew they had a unique product that eco-conscious, active people would love and be prepared to ditch their traditional deodorants for, but they needed to spread the word and drive traffic to their website to teach consumers about their brand.

With any product that is new to the market, your Digital Marketing strategy needs to not only sell your brand, but also teach consumers about the product itself and this learning phase is crucial to eventually driving sales.

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What we did

We worked with Proverb to understand their brand values and KPI’s and devised a Digital Marketing strategy with these in mind. We used our years of experience working with similar beauty and skincare brands to produce a custom SEO plan that would work for their niche, rather than a one-size-fits all, blanket approach.

An extensive and thorough Technical SEO Audit led to fixing fundamental website issues that were previously limiting the site in search engines and detering users from purchasing due to poor UX. Our detailed Keyword Research not only helped to determine how to describe the products on-site, but it also sparked new ideas for content creation that would engage potential new customers.

We knew from experience that traditional SEO techniques wouldn’t be enough to push the Proverb brand to the levels required and that we’d need to invest in significant Digital PR & Content Marketing. Sometimes considered an off-shoot of SEO as it helps build authoritative backlinks which in-turn improves website rankings in Search Engines, Digital PR could also be seen as a standalone marketing method as, when done well, it can drive significant website traffic and improve brand awareness tenfold.

The results

Through a combination of content creation and our existing relationships with journalists in the industry, we helped get Proverb featured in specific health, beauty, skincare and sustainability websites as well as gaining press coverage in top national news publications.

This work, combined with the fixing of technical SEO issues and implementation of SEO best practices on-site, has helped Proverb thrive in Google search and has lead to a surge in website sales.

Proverb now ranks in Google for an extra 1.5k keywords including key phrases such as ‘natural deodorant’, ‘refillable deodorant’ and ‘aluminium free deodorant’ and Organic traffic is up 126% since the project began.

We continue to enjoy a great working relationship with Proverb and look forward to supporting them in upcoming product launches, website redesigns and whatever the future may hold! If you’d like to speak to us about how we can help your business simply contact us using the form below or give us a call today!

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