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Did you know, over 40% of the earth’s population are now smartphone users. With advances in mobile technology, there has been an increase in our reliability on apps; whether that’s apps for work, apps for entertainment or even apps for health!

To ensure your app is not left in the background in this ever-growing tech environment, it is important to strive towards increasing your app downloads. Why? The more installations, the more users and the better ROI. With this, comes the need for a thorough, marketing strategy that works continues to work whilst the technology evolves.

Here at Limelight Digital, our team has a wealth of experience working with clients to efficiently promote their app to grow their overall app downloads for the lowest cost per install.

Why Choose Us?

We have extensive experience working with clients in a range of industries. Our team’s expertise in pay-per-click advertising includes marketing both websites and mobile applications to generate excellent results.


How We Can Help…


  • No matter whether your app is currently in development, recently launched or well-known in the industry, we can create an actionable, results-driven marketing strategy.
  • Is your app user-friendly and free from technical bugs? We can work with you and your app developers to iron out any creases before promotion.
  • Who is your target audience and what platforms are they using? Our team is knowledgeable on all PPC platforms so can advise where is best to get your app in front of the right audience.


Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

  • We will set up PPC campaigns including creation of click-worthy ad copy and ideas for eye-catching display ads.
  • This also involves ensuring everything is in place to accurately track downloads and any other in-app actions we want to quantify. This may require us liaising with your app developers.
  • We’ll then manage the PPC campaigns, including: amending bids & budgets, reviewing and evolving ad assets.



  • We can provide you with frequent reports showing, in as much or as simple detail as you would like, where we are generating the most app installs. Even down to whether these are IOS or Android users.
  • Reports are then analysed to discover which app installs provide the highest amount of app engagement and/or conversions. Then we’ll continuously relook at the campaigns to develop new ideas and decrease the cost per install.

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The Top Marketing Channels To Increase Your App Downloads

Google – Universal App Campaigns

Universal app campaigns can target users on both Android & IOS devices. Ads can appear on multiple placements across Google’s search & display networks including mobile search results, YouTube & Google Play. The objective of these campaigns is to drive downloads or in-app actions.

Paid Social – App Install Campaigns

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter all have integrated app install campaign types for advertisers to utilise. These platforms allow advertisers to run image or video based ads to encourage users to download the app. If your tracking is set up correctly, you can also opt into automated bidding software to fully optimise for downloads.

Apple Search Ads – Advanced

These are the ads that all you Apple fans will have seen within the App Store. The most common ad placements are search results or within the “suggested” section. Advertisers can bid on keywords that relate to:
– Main application use
– Competitor brand names
– Brand name

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