How We Grew Your Smile Direct Internationally, Increased Leads By 4218% & Improved CPA By 94%.


In this case study, we’ll be sharing with you how we helped Your Smile Direct increase the presence of their start-up business internationally, grow their leads and achieve a huge increase in their ROI.

The cosmetic dentistry industry has vastly grown over the last 2 or 3 years as a result of the increasingly popular desire to improve personal appearance. For example, if you use Instagram, you’ll probably have seen the celebrity endorsements for products such as teeth whiteners. Your Smile Direct’s invisible dental aligners have achieved great success in this competitive cosmetic dentistry industry. With market leaders such as the likes of Invisalign, Your Smile Direct’s unique at-home treatment method combined with their digital marketing efforts has enabled them to successfully compete.

As an accredited Google Partner, we used our experience of PPC & Social Media Advertising to find the best solution for Your Smile Direct in order to put their product in front of the right audience and generate leads. Once we generated results with this in the UK, we were then able to help them replicate this success in multiple countries including Ireland, France, Spain and Italy.

Continue reading to find out how we grew Your Smile Direct internationally, leads by 4218% and improved CPA by 94%.


  • Hit lead targets
  • Improve CPA
  • Launch internationally

AdWords (search, display and video)

We began by overhauling the AdWords account for Your Smile Direct in order to get the brand in front of those people that are searching for search terms related to their invisible aligner product. This started with a variation of campaign types: search, display and video.

Our Google display efforts allowed us to target new users, we then moved these users through the sales funnel with clever remarketing. We captured checkout bailouts and potential customers at different parts of the sales process and displayed custom messaging at the different stages to increase conversion.

Alongside AdWords we also launched search campaigns on Bing advertising, ensuring Your Smile Direct was also appearing within Bing search results.

With continued to make improvements to the account including expanding the number of campaigns based on demographics, life events and more, as well as improving quality score. We were able to achieve noticeable growth in the first 2-3 months of launching AdWords with Your Smile Direct.

Launched Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Next was the obvious progression into advertising on social media with the main focus becoming Facebook and Instagram. It was a case of trial and error for the most part to discover which ad format would work the best in terms of ultimately generating leads whilst keeping CPA below target. With the best performing ads discovered, these were trialled over a number of relevant audiences.

This also included setting up remarketing campaigns for those who may not have yet converted. Capturing those at the top end of the sales funnel that have shown an interest in Your Smile Direct but didn’t convert at that time.

It was now a case of continuing lead growth and experimenting with new digital marketing campaigns. Keeping up-to-date with the launch of new Facebook tools and ad formats helped us to fully utilise this ad platform.

Earlier in 2017, Facebook launched their lead adverts – to collect customer information (leads) directly from a mobile ad rather than directing users to a webpage. With lead generation a primary aim, this ad format was perfect to launch for Your Smile Direct. After launching Facebook lead ads for all 5 countries, these campaigns resulted in a significant increase in the number of leads we were achieving daily. It was interesting to find users would prefer to send over their details (already pre-filled with their profile information) without leaving Facebook.

With the Facebook and Instagram spend and lead generation now having grown in terms of both spend and the number of clicks and direct leads, we were able to look into other campaign types. Conversion campaigns work based on the data that Facebook collects about your results and the users who are more likely to click on your ad and convert.

Whilst exploring new campaign types, it was also important to continue refreshing the ad content. This included creating new imagery and videos. After creating new campaigns with the objective of video views, we were were able to achieve a cost per 10 second video view at less than 1p!

Overall we grew our Facebook and Instagram advertising to become our most successful advertising platform in terms of the lowest CPA.

Launch of 4 new territories

After finding success in the UK, we then needed to replicate this in other countries that Your Smile Direct would be expanding into. This meant considering ad copy translations, price translations and more.

At this point, we increased spend by 3x times in order to account for each territory. We then duplicated our existing UK campaigns for the new countries: Ireland, France, Spain and Italy.

We were able to help Your Smile Direct successfully enter new markets worldwide and generate a 4218% increase in leads whilst achieving an improvement on CPA of 94% in all countries.


By optimising, experimenting and a willingness to invest into paid campaigning on AdWords and social media, we were able to hit our objectives for Your Smile Direct across a number of territories. Your Smile Direct are continuing with their successful marketing efforts becoming a well-known brand in the cosmetic dentistry industry whilst expanding the business into further countries.

If you are interested in developing your PPC & social media advertising, call the team on 01509 631 136 or email [email protected] and let’s chat about your ambitions and how we can help.

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