Digital Marketing for e-Commerce

eCommerce is an ever-changing industry, with more competitors on the market every day and the number of consumers shopping online increasing each year. In fact, the UK is the European leader of retail eCommerce sales, only behind China and the US worldwide.

Whether you are primarily an eCommerce business or a traditional brand trying to attract new customers who buy digitally, Digital Marketing is an essential tool to stand out in the eCommerce space, increase leads and sales

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Digital marketing strategies are an indispensable part of an online business strategy, developing fresh and interactive content that appeals to both people and search engines. 

Customers are bombarded daily with media advertisements, product placements and influencer sponsorships, making it all the more important to grab their attention. At Limelight Digital we can make this process easier for you and your eCommerce business, so you can focus on developing the best product possible whilst we market it for you.

Why Choose Limelight?

Limelight Digital has extensive experience working with clients in the eCommerce industry. We have developed a competitive approach to the marketplace with a dual focus: ease of use for the customer, to ensure online purchases goes on without a hitch and increased digital visibility, to increase brand exposure and target new clients.

Alongside promoting your products and services in front of the right audience, our digital marketing for eCommerce strategy assists in:

  • Generating brand awareness and credibility.
  • Increased engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Measurable analytics to help you understand how your business is growing and who is your most successful target audience.

eCommerce SEO

Do you want customers to find you easily when they search for businesses like yours on the web? Then you need Search Engine Optimisation. SEO gives you the best possible chance of appearing in Search Engine Results pages, such as Google, and aims to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search.

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Optimising your eCommerce website for search engines is one of the first tasks a digital marketing agency like Limelight tackles. eCommerce SEO services can not only help your web traffic but also increase the number of leads you receive to drive engagement and generate sales.

To ensure your online store is appearing for the key searches your ideal clients are entering, Limelight employs a tailored eCommerce SEO strategy. Want to know more about how we can help you? Check out our eCommerce SEO services and email us or give us a call on 01509 631136.

PPC for eCommerce

You can organically rise to the first page of Google, but within a competitive industry, it is difficult to maintain that position with no other efforts. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a digital marketing method necessary to guarantee that you consistently stay on top of the search engine results page. 

PPC consists of paid ad campaigns based on keywords, to reach out to consumers actively searching for other eCommerce businesses in your niche. As the name states, you pay every time someone clicks your ad.

Usually carried out on Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click advertising can also be used on other social media platforms. With an effective PPC strategy, clients can find your eCommerce site when they search for products in your industry and you can leverage it to gain leads, and profit.

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Why You Need A PPC Strategy For eCommerce

PPC advertising is extremely attractive to eCommerce business owners given that you can track exactly how many views (impressions) and clicks your advert gets and calculate ROI to an individual penny. On top of that, you can stop and start the advertising whenever you like and choose how much you want to spend: from a few hundred pounds a month to several thousand.

You can also specifically target the audience that interacts with your ads, filtering them by age, gender, specific interests and disposable income. PPC is perfect for achieving several goals and it’s up to you which one (or all) of them you choose to focus on.

eCommerce Social Media Agency

It is no secret that social media gives a boost to online businesses in terms of word of mouth, brand awareness, and driving engagement. It is also extremely time consuming and can drive away your attention from actually running your business.

Staying on top of the latest developments, algorithms and functionalities of each platform is necessary since they are always evolving and your competitors are likely using them to attract new customers. So what can you do to avoid falling behind on the trends while not neglecting other aspects of your business?

With our eCommerce social media management services, we take your worries out of the equation by developing different marketing strategies according to your social channels, helping your business grow online.

We keep your social media profiles active by running competitions, boosting posts, interacting with users online and responding to their questions. Are you stuck for ideas on how to keep your social media growing? Reach out to us and we will help you.

Ultimately, growing your eCommerce platform online organically and quickly by yourself is difficult, if not impossible. Thanks to Limelight’s professional digital marketing services you are not alone. We can help your business thrive and stand out among the rest

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